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The Maxitech World Company has been serving the Automotive and Industrial Markets since 2012.  We supply a complete line of Compression Fittings, Air Brake Fittings, D.O.T. Push-In, Truck Transmission Drain & Shut-off Valves, Truck Drain & Shut-off Valves, Hydraulic Brake Adapters and Pipe Fittings.

Maxitech World Company offers the market – Value


The market has two separate categories of suppliers: Quality and Generic.

The quality manufacturers offer products that are made in accordance with the applicable D.O.T. and S.A.E. standards.

The generic suppliers sell, as a general rule, products that do not meet the above standards.  The areas of the product line that are most affected are the pipe fittings, flare fittings, inverted flare, and air brake for copper tubing.

Why are they below standard?  S.A.E. states in great detail the dimensions of the pipe threads, hex sizes and wall thickness that should be adhered to.
These standards have been established to help maintain the safety and integrity of braking and fuel systems in vehicles and equipment.  You will see that the generic suppliers shorten threads, use smaller than standard hex sizes, and reduce the wall thickness.  When these avenues are taken, fewer threads are cut in manufacturing, less material is used, and machining time is reduced.  This produces a cheaper and lower cost product.

Most vehicle manufacturers use the S.A.E. standard as their manufacturing standard.  The result being the quality suppliers have the lion’s share of the O.E.M. market.

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