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The Process of Maxitech Nickel-Plated Brass Push-to-Connect Fittings.

Here is our brief introduction of Maxitech World Brass Nickel -Plated Push in Fittings for customers,Hoping this will be helpful for you know the Metal Push-in-Fittings 'process,Later ,we will introduce more information about the application and usegae of those Pneumatic Plastic Push-in-Fittings .

1.The Forged Body of Nickel-Plated Brass Push-In-Fittings; The forged TEE,ELBOW,Y Connector with high compactness and without any space inside the solid fittings'body.

2.The Polish Surface Treatment:The Polishing treatment can cross off the burr and spot on the forged fittings'body, the good characters is the high adhesive power of nickel plating on its surface.

3.The CNC processing of Fittings'body ; All the Nickel-Plated Brass Push-to-Connect Fittings body processed by CNC ,those fittings produced strictly accroding to the drawings presented by Technical Department ,The more or less 0.003mm tolerance is allowable.

4.The Collet'processing; All the metal collet milled by Auto CNC ,The CNC milled collet with even slot distance and the precision & sharp claw to connect the tube hose firmly,in the meantime, this way avoids the shortage of manual operating'uneven distance between the slots.

5.The Metal Collet'Vibration Technoloy; Due to the sharp claw on collet,which will be easily caused the scratches covered with the tube hose ,the leakage will be happened ,in order to overcome the scratches'leakage ,we adapt the vibration technoloy to treat it ,the vibration technoly definitely sloves the deepen scratches on the tube hose.

6.The Assembling and Testing ;The Straight Connector ,Y,Union Straight ,Reduce ,Bulkhead Union,Union Tee,Cross with O-Ring and Collet'assembling and the Swivel Elbow ,Run Tee and Branch Tee with Rivet joint & O-Ring , Collet'assembling ,Before the Assembling ,we will choose the 10% to test to make sure this lot fittings is good and then we can assemble them ,the last procedure is examining the fittings one by one to check if the O-ring is inside.The O-Ring is in the same plane and the Collet is avaliable or not,This examination can completely eradicate the leakage in the final procedure of Metal Push-in-Fittings.All the procedures are finished and examined ,lastly ,we can pack them and deliver our qualified Brass Nickel-Plated Push-in-Fittings to the clients around the world.



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