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The Configurations of Our Nickel-Plated Push-To-Connect Fittings.

The Configurations of Maxitech World Nickel-Plated Push-To-Connect Fittings.

Maxitech World Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Brass Nickel-Plated Push-in-Fittings & Nickel-Plated Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings ,

Here is our introduction of configurations of Mexitech World Metal Push in Fittings ,Hoping this will be helpful for you understanding our fittings;

Male Straight Adapter Internal Hex and Male Straight Adapter External Hex, 90° Swivel Elbow Adapter Extended, 90° Swivel Elbow Adapter with NPT Thread,90° Swivel Elbow Female Adapter,Swivel Side Tee Adapter,Swivel Branch Tee Adapter,Swivel Y Adapter,Female Bulkhead Straight,Straight Union Bulkhead,Equal Union Five Way Mainfold connector ,Banjo Flow Control Regulating Out,Control ,Equal Union Straight Connector ,Unequal Straight Union Connector ,Elbow Union ,Union Y Connector,)

Flow Control Regulating In,Union Tee,Plug,Reducer Plug,Inline Non-Return Brass Valves,Speed Controller ,Hand Valves.



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